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An extensive global network is the direct benefit from our many years in the industry. We are in the know, and stay in close contact with industry leaders, shakers and movers.


The energy sector is undergoing major changes and our roadmap needs constant updates. The many job opportunities of the past, hasn’t moved – they have vanished. As a consequence we do not offer a daily listing of jobs, but do our best to direct the limited number of positions to the available and most qualified candidates, in respect to our clients and consultants.

Things will change

It is no surprise to us, that our industry needs time to adjust. It is a complex matter with countless elements involved, all caught out and facing new challenges. We will not second guess the path forward, but simply adapt and adjust our course, step by step.


We have made some hard choices in regards to our organisational structure, in order to survive the transition and stay a viable service provider to the many we have committed to.


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